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What is IP search?

The IP searches mainly conducted are pre-application search, rights search, invalidity search, and periodic search. Accurate IP searches at each stage of business activity lead to proactively avoiding risks, reducing costs, and securing business stability.

Advantages of IP search

The pre-application search makes it possible not only to prevent duplicated development and unnecessary application, but also to lead to applications that are differentiated from competitor's technologies and correct the direction of the development. In addition, the rights search reduces risk of infringing patent rights of a competitor and saves on unnecessary development costs. The invalidity search collects materials for the invalidation of competitor’s patent right, and makes it possible to manufacture and sell the company's products safely. Further, the periodic search makes it possible to comprehend competitors' patent strategies and the latest trends in technology.

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This search is to conduct a search of known art before the filing of a new application to see whether it is registrable, by checking whether similar ideas or inventions have already been filed. In a case of systematic search of documents related to a development theme, it is also called “prior art search” and “application trend search”.

Rights search

This search is to check whether your products (your technologies) under development or to be sold may infringe competitor's patents.

Invalidity search

This search is to collect known materials for invalidating a competitor's patent right if your product (your technology) manufactured and sold might infringe the competitor's patent right or you receive an infringement warning.

Periodic search

This search is to continuously collect patent documents issued weekly and periodically obtain information in specific technical areas and information of competitors. It is also called “SDI (selective dissemination of information)”.

Patent map creation

In the prior art search and technology trend search, when too many patent materials to be grasped are collected, we create a visualized patent map by organizing the collected information using lists and graphs.

We also provide design search and trademark search of the same quality as the patent search.

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IP search

Features of our firm

Our staffs in charge, who train search skills routinely, conduct precise and highly accurate searches. Based on the know-how backed by many years of abundant experience, we always look for a way with a high probability of finding documents, and, for example, change the scope of search even during the search. If you make an urgent request, we can perform tasks with high quality according to your needs, and find target documents within a time limit. In addition, with regard to documents to be searched, we collect a wide range of documents, including non-patent documents as well as patent documents. We properly search also foreign documents in their original languages, especially English and Chinese documents.