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05Other business

Introduction to our other services, including on-site seminars and intellectual property consulting.

On-site seminars

At request of our clients, we hold on-site seminars. We customize the content and level of the seminar to meet your needs.

Part of the seminars we held

Table can be scrolled

Four laws Level Title
Patent, design and trademark Beginner Know IP rights before you leap
Patent Intermediate How to understand invention – demystify it from Office Actions
Patent Beginner How to read outline of patent (application and prior use right) and publication
Patent Beginner Basics of exercising rights
Patent Advanced Analysis on the latest important cases
Patent etc. Beginner Do not suffer a loss – identify traps of contracts (non-disclosure contract, joint development contract and license contract)
Patent etc. Beginner Utilizing intellectual property for business
Patent etc. Beginner Do not make your patent dormant -- licensing strategy
Unfair Competition Prevention Intermediate Recent topics of Unfair Competition Prevention Act
Trademark Intermediate Trademark, proof of use, and similarity in the U.S. system
Trademark etc. Beginner Know the relationship between Trademark Law, Design Law, and Unfair Competition Prevention Law, and develop countermeasures against counterfeit products
Trademark Beginner Japanese trademark search database and similar trademark search
Trademark Intermediate Use of registered trademarks in Europe and the U.S.
(the same range according to socially accepted conventions)

IP consultant

R&C gives advice on various issues related to the IP rights to resolve the cases. We provide not only advice on legal matters and rights acquisition, but also advice from business perspective. We also offer patent advisory contracts for serving consultation on a continuous basis. We will set a charge in accordance with the content of request, so please first send your request to ask for estimate.

Support for license agreement etc.

We draw up contracts and support the drafting of contracts for license agreement and non-disclosure agreement. We also have a long experience in collaborating with attorneys-at-law, so we can build a full support system. Even if you do not have a law firm acquainted with, there is no need to worry.

Business related to jurisdictions other than the four laws

We also handle measures against counterfeit products, procedures of copyright registration, procedures related to the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and procedures related to the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Presentations.