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About our name

Our firm’s name, “R&C,” derives from “Rectitude & Courage” in Bushido (samurai moral code). “Rectitude” is the most severe virtue in the samurai moral code, and means a righteous cause and justice that a person should serve.
“Courage” means a dauntless spirit and patience to do right things to serve “Rectitude.”

We selected the initials of these words for our new company name, wishing to be an expert group that conducts business with these virtues. We will continuously try our best to enhance our service quality and spare no effort to protect our clients’ intellectual properties.

Basic information

Our firm was established in Osaka in 1956 and has been supporting clients in Japan and overseas for many years. As a result, we are now one of the largest firms in the country, with domestic filing numbers ranking among the top 30 nationwide and a team of approximately 100 staff members.

We have also established a network of numerous patent and law firms in various countries and have experience of filing applications in over 100 countries worldwide. We have also provided support for numerous intellectual property infringement lawsuits overseas. As a result, our firm has accumulated expertise not only in Japan but also in other countries with different intellectual property systems, from application filing to rights utilization and dispute resolution.

Our company identifies the essence of technology and supports the discovery of innovative inventions. We also provide the best brand and design protection services based on our extensive experience and knowledge. We have received numerous requests from many clients, including well-known companies, who have recognized the high level of our work.

Name of firm

R&C IP Law Firm



16F Nakanoshima Mitsui Bldg., 3-3-3, Nakanoshima Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0005 Japan
TEL:+81(Country code)-(0)6-6446-9966


8F Pacific Century Place Marunouchi, 1-11-1, Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6208 Japan
TEL:+81(Country code)-(0)3-6860-8627



December 1956

Established as cooperation

October 2013

Chief Managing Partner

Shuichiro Kitamura

Managing Partners

Seiji Ota
Ichiro Miyake
Ryuji Ota
Yoshitaka Hatayama


Patent and Trademark Attorneys: 27

Chinese Patent Attorneys: 2

Patent engineers: 21

Trademark paralegals: 4

Translators: 4

Draftspersons: 6

Administrative staff: 38

(As of November 2022)


Professional Engineer

  • Civil Engineering: Port, Harbor & Airport Engineering
  • Civil Engineering: Soil Mechanics & Foundation
Hazardous Materials Engineer, Class A
Chief Telecommunications Engineer
Chief Electrical Engineer, Type 3
Electrician, Type 2
On-The-Ground Special Radio Operator, Type 2
Environmental Measurer
Information processing qualifications

  • Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Applied Information Technology Engineer
  • Registered Information Security Specialist
  • Information Specialist

Plastic Molding Technician
Explosives Handling and Safety Manager, Class A
High Pressure Gas Production Safety Manager

A Brief History of Our Firm

December 1956

Mr. Osamu Kitamura, father of today's chief managing partner Mr. Shuichiro Kitamura, established O. Kitamura Patent Office.

September 1976

The firm relocated to Kitamura Patent Building.

May 1998

Mr. Osamu Kitamura passed away.

June 1998

Mr. Shuichiro Kitamura succeeded his father and the name of the firm was changed to S. Kitamura Patent Office.

June 2004

The name of the firm was changed to Kitamura Patent Office.

May 2005

The firm relocated to Shin Asahi Building.

August 2008

Kitamura Patent Office relocated to the current location.

October 2013

The firm was established as a cooperation.

November 2013

The firm was changed to R&C IP Law Firm.

July 2018

Opened Tokyo Office.